Monday, May 21, 2012

Get Published: Duotrope, you magnificent Database!

How I've gotten everything published...ever.  Well, not quite ever, but quite close!

As hinted at in the title, Duotrope is a database.  But unlike MLA Bibliography, JSTOR, and many of the other innumerable databases we learned to love so well as Undergraduates, Duotrope is a free database that will actually get you published.

After setting up an account, a writer can browse through Publishers of Fiction by Genre (ranging from General to Western, Sci-Fi to Romance) Style (Absurd, Literary, Quirky, Scholarly) Length, Subject, Payscale and Submission Type.  One can call up only journals that, for instance, accept simultaneous submissions, online submissions, and multiple pieces (i.e. the sane way to submit work).